With a focus on personal piety, culture is lost=Muslims destroyed

(Very sensitive & critical article-be careful) Nobody can survive without culture. No Muslim or anyone. So either a Muslim in a Western country immerses into the culture there, & become like a disbeliever, or they become miserable & unfunctional. Any middle ground is becoming harder and harder nowadays.

The thing is, their parents did not take culture into consideration when they moved to the Western country (if they chose to move there).

That’s because they thought they were fine, as long as they had the ‘religion’, they were good.

But the religion does not just focus on personal piety and going to the mosque, and looking and sounding religious. No, it involves dealing with others well and/or joyfully. And that is what culture greatly involves. Dealing with others with good manners, which is what the prophet said Islam came mainly for.

If they had a balanced and proper Islam, they would have realized compromising their culture was non-negotiable. And then, their children would not have to suffer.

The aren’t taking the ‘humanity-aspect’ much into consideration if the religion is about becoming like an angel, by reciting hymns or meditating (dhikr) all day. A halal resolution for culture and sexual needs are not taken into consideration. How convenient. Perhaps that little snag would’ve gotten in the way of the young Muslim seeking a University degree, education, and job, like what the parents dream of. But, their children who want to be sincerely religious, grow up being left to live with cognitive dissonance. You tell them about a religion which says it is bad to fulfill sexual needs outside of marriage, but then put them in a culture where they can’t practically get married until age 25+? And getting married at that age is desired and promoted by you? (Instead of a natural family-tribal culture which would have eased and facilitated earlier marriage, due to trust and culture compatibility issues being sorted?) And you put them next to non-Muslims whom they witness as doing ‘things’ since an early age?

The ones who actually do believe in the religion will suffer, all while you expect them to be like angels, not humans.

And the ones who become so-called ‘angels’ will end up lonely and with no social skills.

(Following is more complex but so important)

Anyway, this splitting of ‘feelings of piety’ from the ‘physicality’ of reality is something Kabbalah has (Kabbalah being something everyone on the planet ideally should be aware of these End Times). ‘Sephiroth different from Qlippoth’. And the occult has long influenced Islamic countries for a while now. Perhaps Kabbalah has something to do with this. Kabbalah is meant for you to have a double life to function. In Kabbalah, angels fall.

The danger of Kabbalah-thinking was the first lesson for humanity, as portrayed in the Quran. Iblees split piety and ‘sense-of-self’ with physical reality, when he told Adam and Eve they would physically be like angels if they disobeyed God and stole from the tree. And that God was lying to them, being two-faced Himself.

Also when he called Adam just clay while ignoring the soul within, as though those two things can both be treated differently when you have the final product. The final product has eternal integrity, as God made it, it cannot be mixed and matched around like something fit for alchemy. The basis of all sins themselves are that they are a splitting, mixing, and matching of the external and internal aspects of things, when they shouldn’t be. Like when you lie, what you externally say does not match what you internally mean. When you steal, you take something like it is yours, but you aren’t the true owner. When you feel too lazy to pray, you are considering the physical laborious external actions of the prayer only, and ignoring the internal importance of it.

Just because Adam’s clay doesn’t mean he isn’t special, and just because he has a soul doesn’t mean he can choose to be and feel like a jinn (they’re made of fire) if he wanted to, and be more ethereal, and think like them in that the humans’ ‘flesh’ is as an imprisoning corruption (this seems to be a trend of un-Islamic esoteric traditions-they created things such as celibate nuns and priests who shun the ‘flesh’). Sorry, but Adam has a human soul.

But man wants to fly with speed using the power of fire, and communicate around via large distances using fiery radiation, and outstrip the tribes, all while disregarding the creatures of the world, all made like clay like he was, in which he was supposed to be a guardian of. Technological progress is just becoming silly now, and is making a lot of animals go extinct.

(Ever heard the saying that goes something like “we aren’t humans having a soul experience, but souls having a human experience“? Neither it or vice-versa is true. They aren’t supposed to be thought of differently once Allah already established their integrity as ‘one thing’ specifically built for one another.)

Kabbalah doesn’t just explain the ‘reality’ we just happen to be in. It tells you how to fully experience that reality. And that is involving yourself with both the Sephiroth and Qlippoth. You can split, divorce, things too.

Kabbalah is so complex, a different person will have a different interpretation of it. I for one am going by the result I see of others influenced by Kabbalah in the world as behaving as.

Oh by the way, in case you think I’m suffering from all this, growing up with the challenges of the West, well I’m not. If it takes ‘contrast’ to understand Allah’s systems, then it’s all worth it. Inside, my soul is content now. Haha understanding leads to acceptance.

Ants ants ants! So many ants in my house! Whyyy

Allah is constantly giving signs in world, for those with the eyes to see.

For us Muslims, we don’t just rely on purely ethereal signs, like dreams and visions. Nor are we looking for purely secular.

You see, there are so many ants that do not cease raiding the sugar supplies in my house. Anything sweet. The honey, the cane sugar, and all of these other types of weird natural sweeteners I don’t know the name of.

I keep trying to get rid of them to send them a message. But it doesn’t work.

Don’t they leave chemical trails for each other, signalling if a place is dangerous?

In fact, the time in the Quran Allah gives us insight into the ants’ perspective, Allah translates them to prophet Solomon, peace be upon him, as saying that they are afraid of his army. So they are afraid of being crushed or swept away by humanity.

Why are the ants so bold nowadays then?

Secular people of course will say they are stupid. They can’t tell the difference between a natural food source in the environment or one in a human household. Secular people will say I’m too stupid for reading into these spiritually.

But in Islam, we do not disregard the science. Or the spirituality. They don’t have to be incompatible.

They should have chemical messengers telling them to not come to the house with this threat, me.

But just now, it hit me. Perhaps they are only coming into my house now because their natural food sources have been diminished. Human beings interfering with the balance of nature results in the massive destruction of natural ecosystems.

It’s almost as if even though they know they’ll get abused, the ants will come into human households out of desperation, as refugees. They have no choice.

In Islam, we believe in the coming Dajjal. His signs are everywhere now. And he wants to counterfeit the kingship of prophet Solomon, peace be upon him.

When Dajjal rules, as am suspicious that he is in some form nowadays behind the scenes, nature is not respected or balanced. How many countless species of plants and animals have gone extinct since some greedy modern corporations spread their science and technology? Which seem more and more by the day as just merely excuses for spreading their tentacles, and less for the love of knowledge and discovery?

When Dajjal rules, the ants lose their natural food source, and have no choice but to not ‘fear’ men (‘fear’ in a sense that they’ll be more likely to avoid us when they can).

Or at least perhaps they fear Dajjal and his ‘tentacles’. Instead of prophet Solomon, they move out of the way of Dajjal and his destructive forces.

When a righteous Muslim like prophet Solomon, peace be upon him, rules, the ants fear men and try to avoid them as they naturally ought to. Their natural food sources aren’t damaged. He was a man allied with the animals in the Quran.

So not only could these ants be a sign of environmental damage, which is of the worldy signs Muslims should always be aware of, but also a spiritual sign of the coming of Dajjal, which is of another type of sign Muslims should always be aware of. We are meant to be people who are not blind.

The process of loss is also the process of discovery

If you lose something and go in ‘search mode’, you may end up finding something you didn’t intend to originally find, but was more important for you.

You may find a lost special relic, a new person, or something about yourself.

Prophet Moses, peace be upon him, lost it all when he fled Egypt. And he was lost in the desert, searching. But he found his future wife, his family, his new life, and God’s presence itself. His higher goal and purpose in life.

What sparked this musing just now is that I’m currently searching for my phone. Whoever you are, can you please pray that I find it?

Marriage-fanatic Muslims

Marriage is a SPIRITUAL goal, not a mere social one. There’s a world of difference. The older generation of Muslims make marriage feel annoying and soulless. Amongst other aspects of the religion.

Getting married just as ‘part of a recipe ticklist for social success’ is not what Islam teaches. It is what the culture of those countries taught.

On my blog, I try to bring the spirituality of marriage back. The premier spiritual goal for our worldy lives. Spiritual goals go beyond mere social structures to reach for ‘wholesomeness’. Marriage suits being a spiritual goal in this world. So much so that in Islam it can break-through to the afterlife, as a marriage can potentially last forever thanks to the Islamic Heaven featuring marriage.

Not one person on Earth believes in unconditional love

You’re seeking conditional love, that’s why you’re telling people your problems. The ‘conditions’ you went through.

This is something contradictory I see with many bloggers, and it upsets me so much 😦

Many jinn hate humanity, and are lying to you when they tell you about unconditional love. Like when via drug induced trances.

(Btw if the term ‘conditional love’ leaves a sour taste in your mouth, read my post on “Unconditional Love“, it explains how ‘reflection’ is the real love, something in between ‘conditional’ and ‘unconditional’.)

‘Smell’ the sense linked to angels, & accessible afterlife proof now

I can send you pictures and sounds from my end, but not smells, touches, or tastes. The internet can’t convert and transfer particles, only waves.

We have 5 senses. Sight depends on waves. Sound on waves. But smell, touch, and taste on physical matter.

But smell is the special one that sits in the boundary.

You see, the light waves, these not quite particle-like photons travel everywhere.

The sound waves travel everywhere. Yes sound depend upon physical particles vibrating each other, so it’s less ‘ethereal’ than light. But still, the particles act as a medium for the sound wave itself. It is not static.

For touch and taste, you need to have the thing be fixed there, and then you touch it or taste it. Only physical particles can provide that.

But smell is not fixed. It travels from its source of origin, almost like how light and sound does. However, it depends entirely on physical particles. And it isn’t fixed, like taste or touch (unless something is flung at you I suppose).

If we were to think of light and sound to be more ‘spiritual’ in a sense, and taste and touch more ‘physical, then smell would be in between the spiritual and physical. Or it is both.

And let’s add something else into the mix: the sense of smell is linked more to memory than any other sense. Hmm.

The angels are linked to smell in both the Quran and hadith.

The angels with respect to nature are mentioned in Surah Mursalat in the Quran verses 1-5:

1) By those unleashed in succession
2) and by those storming turbulently
3) By those scattering far and wide,
4) and by those separating decisively,
5) and by those casting a Reminder

1) This is Bridge’s translation. Read whatever translation you want. But the Arabic is the juicy part. The first verse literally describes what is ‘sent’ that is ‘known’. This can refer to many things. For example, the winds that bring sign of rain. Or the smells that herald the sign of spring. The pollen in the air. And ‘known’, “aourfa”in Arabic, is referring to something that you personally know and are familiar with. Like the sweet smells you have grown fond of and have come to expect in your local community. The smell of those flowers you’ve been seeing since childhood, that are still there, bringing you comfort. Reminding you of how time has flown, and funnily of how also things have stayed the same. I don’t want this essay to be 50 pages long. Try to expand your imagination too.

2) The second verse literally in Arabic means the ‘husk’ as it becomes ‘husk’d’ if that makes sense. Like something that blows things and makes it separated, like something turbulent. What was familiar in Spring now dies and is just a shell of its former self. Life goes on.

3) The third verse literally means that which brings and scatters with a bringing and scattering. The word root ‘nashra’ often refers to life. Plants spring forth and spreads. It brings life.

I can’t do this on my own. I need you to expand your imagination and think about these basic principles governing the organization of our world at many layers, from the nature in your backyard, to your life in general. Like the first verse again, didn’t a ‘known’ baby from the tummy get born from her? A cute baby like you was ‘sent’ to your mom from God as a ‘messenger’ of peace and comfort yourself. And her womb became like an ’empty husk’ after you came out, like the second verse. And you ‘grew’ and ‘spread’ when you learned to crawl and walk.

4) The fourth verse is literally means ‘by the decisive separation when it decisively separates’. You grew, and developed your mind and became logical. You can now logically differentiate between different ideas. You also separate from your parents when you become an adult.

Or different grown plants that split forth from an original batch.

5) The fifth and final verse literally means ‘and by those who gather with a remembering’. This can mean many things. People who gather for your funeral and remember you when you become old and die. Or people who gather together like you and me when we reflect upon the message of the Quran that was sent by the messenger of God. Or when nature has many mature plants, all gathered in forming an elaborate ecosystem.

And also, it refers to angels. In fact, all 5 of these verses can refer to angels and their activity in the universe and nature.

The fifth verse ends with ‘remembrance’. Remember, smells are what your brain remembers the most sharply. The thing that is ‘in between’ and hence connects the spiritual world and physical. Kind of what like the angels do: they’re from the spiritual world, but interact with, govern, and organize our physical universe. The laws of physics are upheld by them. If God gave them a command, they can alter their activity and a miracle can happen.

The hadith literature mentions that an angel interacting with prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) said it did not like the smell of onions in the breath of people. And hence, they should clean their mouths, especially when going to the Mosque or even praying at home. Yes, it doesn’t mean improving yourself with respect to sight and sound wouldn’t also please the angels. But smell is something that peculiarly stands out in Islamic literature with respect to angels.

So therefore, it’s a part of Islamic culture to wear perfumes, and make your dwellings clean and smell very good.

Persuading angels to stick around is a good idea. Your prayers can be supported with their prayers when they also pray for you and with you.

When the spiritual and physical collide with the greatest collision of them all, at the start of the afterlife on Judgement Day, you will ‘remember’ the times you engaged in good deeds most of all, as they will save you. This is when the angel who blows the Trumpet will send the ‘message’ for the Resurrection to begin. The graves will become ‘hollow’, like husks, and all of humanity will ‘spread’ forth, now ‘alive’ again. The ‘distinction’ will be made for them, as they get judged on their deeds. And now the people of Paradise will ‘gather’ together and remember good times with each other forever. It’s those 5 verses again.

Living proof of God’s promise and afterlife NOW:

If we were to go only 2 verses further in Surah Mursalat, we can have a living proof of the afterlife now.

Surah Mursalat verses 6-7:

6) As justification or warning,
7) Indeed, what you are promised is to occur.

The argument is that if you take everything you learnt and understood from the previous 5 verses, you can see the proof and inevitability of a Islam-style resurrection and afterlife. Because it is all the same thing. Like the “warning” from the signs of ageing, or a “justification” as in an excuse we give to rot away or avoid punishment, like the “promise” that hard work pays off or self-destructive behavior destroys, like the assured inevitability of life’s death and taxes -a ‘collecting’ either from the government or mother earth.

But of course, the atheist would not want this kind of proof.

“What tangible proof”, he or she would say.

“This isn’t proof!”

You can’t ‘remember’? The sense of smell is linked to remembrance, and smell is associated with something both tangible and intangible.

5 senses. Are the atheists asking for proof that is of ‘touch’ or ‘taste’? Purely tangible?

Are the New Age or Eastern mystics people (“reality is just perception”) sufficed with the intangible, the ethereal, such as ‘sound’ and ‘vision’, which even computers on the internet can easily make illusions with?

This is Islamic spirituality. It is a familiar scent for your holistic self.

(Those other style proofs and experiences are their too in Islam if you look for them, but the Quran seems to focus on the blending of the two.)

Sometimes, good manners over understanding people

My dad and I grew up in 2 completely different countries and two completely different eras. No matter how much he tries to understand me in some things, I know he cannot.

So when he tries, I can get really frustrated. What should I do? I know I shouldn’t get mad. It’s not his fault. It’s beyond him. A person cannot absorb the entirety of another’s life experience in addition to their own. You need experiential knowledge.

So what can we do when true understanding isn’t an option between us? I know I can have good manners with him, and not get mad. The prophet Muhammed, peace be upon him, said Islam came for nothing except perfecting good manners.

Good manners > Knowledge.

In fact, this was the way prophet Abraham, peace be upon him, dealt with his father in the Quran.

What else can we do at the end of the day? God-like insight and understanding of another person’s life is impossible.

Unconditional love…now unconditional truth too? God’s love is true as you aren’t One

Whom you call out for when you’re in Pain is where you truly belong. Someone who you know can and will either remove it, or share it with you.

God is practically Love itself. One if His names is ‘The All Loving’. He’s the infinite source of all love.

But the difference for us is, God is additionally a person. A person has conditions, choices. God isn’t an impersonal, unconditional all-loving force (love needs justice).

There cannot be anything more significant possible in existence other than a ‘person’.

A person’s love is true.

How then, can the most significant thing, God, not be a person?

God’s love for you is true because God and you aren’t the same being. You aren’t ‘one’. So there was a genuine choice involved.

The end of the path for all is that you’ll end up with those whom you love, as the prophet said.

So it’s a tragedy so many modern spiritual philosophies are divorcing the ‘personhood’ of God from God. This grand ‘Oneness’*, this Infinite Love, has been stripped of its personhood. So now, you can trick your conscious into feeling the kind of spirituality only the real God is supposed to provide. But you secretly reject Him.

If you open your mind up to ‘the higher’ and God isn’t on the other side, as only He deserves to be, God could make your life difficult. God has conditions. Do you want not only unconditional love, but ‘unconditional truth’ too? To avoid being married to one truth? Fortunately He’s the most lenient; a person is only judged based on their capacity. And He tests people with the different religions and life situations He gave them, as the Quran says in 5:48. But when confronted with truth, how will an individual respond?

And God is not petty. Rejecting Him is not like rejecting anyone or anything else.

Does doing that stuff with no God bring people a sense of peace? Is it peace due to mind numbing, or an actual experience of feeling love? But actual loving comes from connecting to a person. So we have prayers where we meditate and connect to God, a person.

Those who forget God forget themselves, as the Quran says. If you don’t even walk down a path for yourself, where are you going?

Whom you call out for when you’re in Pain is to whom you truly belong. Someone who you know can and will either remove it, or share it with you.

You call out to mommy, the womb from which you once belonged. But you go even further back in time and more intimate when the desperation grows. You call out to God.

Your Pain can only be removed by Allah.

* (Many of these spiritualities involve trance-inducing practices that connect them to the jinn. Perhaps the jinn are inclined to believe in ‘Oneness’ style spiritual philosophies, seeing as they’re made from fire, and fire unites and blends all when it burns. Perhaps it’s just a perspective thing. I don’t know. But I do know God and His creation are different ‘persons’, that’s key.)

I have a hunch some people who preach love hate everything

And they’re layering ‘love’ over everything to numb themselves to it all. To lower the pain. (Forgive me for writing this.)

But love is specific and conditional. Real love isn’t just a feeling. The emotions you feel are supposed to only reflect something tangible and specific in the world from your life. They indicate something that’s meaningful. Everything can’t be meaningful, as that would eliminate all meaning. Unconditional love? Do you want love to be unconditional so that you yourself can receive it, while secretly fearing you are beyond it? Do you secretly hate yourself? Please don’t secretly hate yourself. But to stop self-hate, you can’t just simply stop ‘feeling’ it. By numbing yourself to all the hate. Like real love, self-hate isn’t just a feeling, it’s a response to something tangible in the world-an internal response to stuff you do. You might have to change your actions in case you’re doing bad things.

Wash your hands in innocency like I do. So many unfair things have happened to me. But I don’t hate everything.

Maybe you’re innocent. So be that change in the world as Gandhi said. To stop hating it.

Sigh, overall I don’t know what’s really going on with people, no matter how much of a psychologist I try to play. People can only answer for themselves.

But I do know it is weird how some people who preach love love love are also into some creepy imagery and practices that don’t seem ‘lovely’ at all.

Deepest Islamic secret on cooling your personal fires

Nothing cools your fire like giving sympathy and empathy AND receiving it too.

Because reflecting on others -‘reflection’ is a property of water.

The easiest path to reflection is family. You literally reflect each other, connected by a womb.

But greater than a ‘womb’, a ‘rahm’ in Arabic, is Ar-Rahman, one of God’s names in Arabic. A hadith says that God only created the world when His ‘Rahma’ exceeded His Anger. So sympathy, empathy, and compassion are the highest things.

So Islam wants to form a global community all tied via the rope of God. And we promote family forming. By blood or by water.